How to Choose The Right Mower for the Job?

Rotary Mower
These work with a horizontal rotating blade.

  • Ideal for cutting long grass.
  • Good for cutting coarse tropical grass.
  • Blades are very tough.
  • Easy to maintain.

Hover Mower
These mowers float on a cushion of air.

  • Light and easy to move around the garden.
  • Suitable for gardens with slopes.
  • Good for cutting finer grasses such as carpet grass.
  • Not so suitable for tough, tropical grass.

Cylinder Mower
These mowers work with a cutting cylinder.

  • These give you the best & finest cut, but are heavy.
  • You can cut the grass very short without damaging the lawn.
  • Suitable for use on carpet grass, golf greens, etc.
  • These can also cut tropical grass well.